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POPDHH has purchased Interact-AS Professional Edition, a transcription software, for the use of any TDHH or school wishing to try out this technology with their Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.

Interact-AS has many uses (excerpt from

  • Individuals who are Deaf are directly communicating with people who do not know sign language, no need for a third-party stranger to listen in on your conversations
  • People that are Hard-of-Hearing are using Interact-AS’s instant closed-captioned transcript feature (less than a one second delay – much faster than CART systems). From conversations to conference room discussions, to radio broadcasts, or video programming, Interact-AS is your answer.
  • People that have difficulty writing or typing are using their voice to type memos and documents;
  • Individuals that have difficulty speaking are using Interact-AS to voice aloud whatever they write or type; and 
  • People that have difficulty reading are using Interact-AS to have text read aloud to them.

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You can borrow the entire system for a few weeks to test it with your student(s).  Download the Request for Technology form and email it to our office.


Interact-AS is manufactured by Speech Gear.  

Click here for more information (features, system requirements, language translation modules, etc.) on Interact-AS.


Download Tip Sheet here.

Download Help page here.

Download Feedback forms here.

You can check out several of Speech Gear's help videos here.

To add new vocabulary, download this short tutorial that contains a video demo.

Click here to see the suite of help videos recently published by Interact-AS.

Specially Tailored Webinars for BC TDHHs

YouTube link for the recording of May 25, 2016 webinar.

YouTube link for the recording of June 2, 2016 webinar

Slides from the webinar

To listen to an audio demonstration as to the importance of proper positioning please click here.

Suite of Interact-AS Help videos

Quick Start Guides

Intro to Interact-AS and FAQs

Interact-AS PE Quick Start Guide

Interact-AS Professional Wireless Mic System

Using a Third-party Wireless FM with Interact-AS

Using a Streamer with Interact-AS

Interact-Video (captioning capabilities)

Compadre (Translation Modules)

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