We are please​d​ to announce that the registration for the ​TDHH ​Mentorship​ Pro​gram is now open. TDHHs of all skill levels are welcome to apply.

For full details of the program, please click ​to access​ the TDHH Mentorship 2018 - 2020 Program Information.

Thank you for your interest. The registration is now closed.  Our first workshop is scheduled for Sep 19, 20 and 21st 2018 in Burnaby, please save the dates! The travel arrangements for out of town participants (outside of the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley) will be arranged in the first week of September.

Please note that you may not apply for the program without your District support. Your Director will receive a copy of your registration, which will also serve as consent document. Printed and signed consent forms are no longer required.​ Feel free to reach out​ if you have any questions about the program before you register.

We look forward to the next two years of Mentorship!