Itinerant Conference 2019

Burnaby School district is proud to organize the Itinerant Conference on 

April 16, 2019

Presenter information:

Dr. Jonathan Chapman, PhD, C. Psych

Dr. Chapman is a Deaf child/adolescent psychologist from Ontario, Canada. He has worked extensively with hearing, hard-of-hearing and Deaf children/adolescents within multi-disciplinary educational and clinical settings. He has extensive experience in Abnormal Psychology including a wide scope of psychological conditions. Dr. Chapman is well known as a strong advocate for access and understanding. His primary roles consist of providing assessments, consulting with families and professionals, and developing intervention strategies and programming for clients and their families.

At the 2019 Itinerant Conference Dr. Chapman will be sharing his expertise on supporting Deaf & hard-of-hearing students with anxiety, social maturity, and developing identity.

Kelsie Grazier 

Perspectives: Creativity and Deaf Identity

Kelsie Grazier is a contemporary visual artist based outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. She explores the concept of identity and self through her paintings. Kelsie works primarily with the traditional medium of oil paint on translucent mylar paper. Her art is created through an intuitive process that blends painterly aspects with fluid lines. She studied painting at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She went on to receive her teaching degree in Secondary Art Education and her Masters in Deaf Education at the University of British Columbia. Kelsie was born with a mild-moderate hearing loss but suddenly became deaf at the age of twenty four. Currently, her paintings depict her life experiences becoming Deaf.