Elementary to Secondary

BCSD Elementary to BCSD Secondary:

Grade 7 Transition:
Starting mid-year, grade 7 BCSD students are gradually introduced to the high school setting. Both Youth Child Care Workers (YCCW) from each school collaboratively plan to provide a thorough transition program that involves the following over a span of about five months (from Feb-June):
- Power Point presentation of BCSD Secondary/ Burnaby South with FAQ discussion
  lead by the Deaf high school students
- Course selections
- initial tour of BCSD combined with lunchtime
- second visit with scavenger hunt for grade 7 students to become familiar with
  finding their way around the school, joins in with BCSD student assembly and lunch
- third visit involves in class visit
- Parent Tour and Q/A session with the Vice Principal
- Q/A reviewing policies, roles, etc.
- opportunities for grade 7 students reflection and sharing
- Recognition Assembly and Leaving Ceremony
- BCSD Farewell Party