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A celebration of Indigenous art and culture with presenters and performers

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The Provincial Outreach Program: Deaf and Hard of Hearing in collaboration with the BC School for the Deaf are pleased to present an exciting day of workshops and performances put on by Indigenous artists.  

A BIG thank you to Deaf Community Foundation of British Columbia for your financial contribution. 

Due to limited space, this event is only open to DHH students from the British Columbia School for the Deaf, Burnaby, and to the out-of-town group of students/teachers who are competing in the Optimist Competition.

Make sure you register early by February 28, 2018


  • Burton Bird
  • Crystal Wolfe
  • Paula Wesley
  • Mukwa Teepees  
  • Special Welcome to Nikki Sellers (Chief of the BC Hummingbird Group)


Our presenters will share their art and traditions through a variety of performances and hands on workshops.

9:00 am Opening Ceremony and Presentations
10:45 am Morning Workshop Rotations
12:30 pm Lunch and sample traditional foods provide
1:00 pm Afternoon Workshop Rotations
2:30 pm Closing Ceremony and Presentations



Burton Bird

Burton Bird

Hoop Dancer

Burton Bird is a Deaf international hoop dancer and has been dancing since 1988. Burton
resides in Montreal Lake Cree Nation and is employed there. Burton’s recent hoop dancing trips
include the Woodland Cree gatherings, Molanosa Cultural Days, The John Arcand Fiddle Fest
and many more. Burton has entertained audiences in most Canadian provinces, in some states
in the USA and in France. Burton’s most recent performance was a dazzling introduction in
British Columbia as his nephew Andy “The Dreadful” Bird won the ECCW Wrestling

When performing, Burton pays honour to the Deaf Indigenous children in Saskatchewan who
are experiencing language and social deprivation in their educational settings. As a Role Model
Burton continues his involvement in empowering Saskatchewan Indigenous Deaf children as
well as in enhancing their personal development with his partnership with Saskatchewan Deaf
and Hard of Hearing Services. His hoop dancing promotes Deaf Indigenous Awareness.

Click here for additional information about Burton.

Crystal Wolfe 

Crystal is an ASL instructor/ Educational Assistant at Ermineskin Ehpewapahk Alternate School in Alberta. 


Nikki Sellars

A Hereditary Chief and Health Leader

I am a Secwepemc and a band member of the Xat'sull First Nation in Soda Creek, BC.  I was born and raised in Williams Lake, BC. I lived on Deep Creek Reserve when I was a little girl.    I am living in Victoria BC presently.  I have two cultures: Deaf and First Nation.

I teach ASL for beginners and a student at Camosun College, to be a fitness coach and plan to register for the Indigenous Holistic and Healing course at Camosun College, too.  I’m an advocate for Vancouver Island deaf and first nations.  I was a Vice President of Deaf Okanagan Society in 2003. Also, I was a Peer Support Worker under Vancouver Coastal Health that I studied for Mental Health under peer support leadership course in 2008.

Through Deaf and First Nation culture, I grew up to understand better these years. I carry the deep understanding and valuable tradition from my elders, my travels, and education.  Since 4 years to present, I am very deeply involved into treaty governance to understand the system better.

Mukwa Teepees (Teepees at School)


Paula Wesley

Paula Wesley

Paula Wesley

Stó:lō / Tsimshian

“I am a First Nations Deaf artist because it is the conduit to release the ideas and visuals I carry daily.  Since I was a little girl I have pursued my own exploration of creativity, rooted in the unconscious mind and nurtured with daily practice using a variety of mediums of artistic expression. I am very passionate about my new exploration of art.” -- - Paula Wesley

Born in Terrace, BC, Canada in 1976, Paula Wesley started experimenting with art at age 4. Her late grandfather, a renowned Tsimshian carver acquainted Paula with wood sculpting and design and applied these skills to her functional art designs and sculptures years later.  In 2010, Paula began studies at Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art at Terrace, B.C.; she studied under Stan Bevan, Ken McNeil, and Dean Heron learning the techniques of Old and Modern Masters as well as art history. Each of her experiences has taught her a passion for knowledge about the art as well as continuously developing new ways to explore and expand her creativity.

Paula enjoys teaching American Sign Language at the 'Na Aksa Gyliak'yoo School on Kitsumkalum reserve. Paula's art is her passion and she carries on her Tsimshian traditions, culture and spirituality through her work. She states, "My goal is to interpret our language, dance, song and stories through my art.”

 …The variation can be infinite. Every possibility can be there at any time. It’s not magic, but it feels like magic…
~ Paula Wesley

Click here for additional information about Paula.


Location: Multipurpose Room
BC School for the Deaf

5455 Rumble Street Burnaby, BC V5J 2B7



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