Interview with Linda Cundy

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I’m Linda Cundy from Edmonton. I am American originally and grew up in the state of Indiana. How did I become an avid reader? There are probably many different factors.

My parents were great models for reading. Everyday, they would read three newspapers! My father subscribed to three dailies: the local newspaper, the big city paper and the Chicago Tribune. This may have influenced me.

I have three sisters. Three of us went to a Deaf School. In the summer, all four of us would bike ride to the public library. Our parents saw that we were bored, had nothing to do and so, sent us off to the library on our own- even that it was far. So we did. We collected our books and signed out ten each- the maximum limit at that time. After we arrived home, read our ten books, we’d swap them with each other. My older sister would exchange all her books with the youngest sister, too. It didn’t matter. We’d each go through forty books every week. That was the kind of environment I grew up in. We’d fall asleep with books all over our bed and pillows as our parents allowed it! That was our environment.

Also, the Deaf School had a reading competition through the summer. My two deaf sisters and I wanted to win that contest. So, at home, like I said, we’d cycle to the library, gather all our books, read them and then document the books on our list. In the fall, when we returned to school, we’d show how many books we read over the summer and be the champs- all three of us. These are the three factors..

And before bed, I had to read my books. It was a must!

That’s my experience.

Part 2

I have another story.

I have two sisters that are Deaf. My parents are also Deaf. My sisters and I attended the Deaf school 150 miles away. This meant for long drives to and from the school every Sunday and Friday. What we’d do during those long commutes, especially my older sister, is make up stories. Before you knew it, we’d be at our destination. My younger sister, especially, became a good reader and writer because of those car rides.