Interview with Jim Roots

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My name is Jim Roots. I’m from Ottawa. I love books. I’ve been both reading and writing since my early childhood. People say that I was born with a book: reading while sucking on a soother, pushing people aside so that I could delve into my books. I absolutely love reading. I’ve read a plethora of books including The Hardy Boys, Sci Fi and history- a wide variety. I cannot live without books. I am a writer/author also. Writing gives me much pleasure.

I attended mainstream education and found myself extremely frustrated with communication. Writing allowed me to express myself. I’d spill out all my feelings out on paper. The result? I was much calmer afterwards. It was a good balance and I was able to manage myself. Books are my life really.

My mom would sit with me when I was young. We would read together. She’d point out all the words. If there was a word that I didn’t understand, I’d go to the dictionary. I wouldn’t know how to pronounce the word because I couldn’t hear but I understood its meaning. It was easy to pick up new words this way and I continued to do that all my life.