Interview with Dave Mason

My name is Dave Mason. I now live in Edmonton, Alberta. I’m Deaf. How did I develop my reading skills? There is no one factor that influenced …… I think there are many factors. My parents both liked to read a lot. I attended a Deaf school ……??? I grew up reading. Maybe not understanding everything I read but I carried on with it.

It was around the age of 15 or 16 that my reading really accelerated. I read books like Paul Mason, the lawyer in the courts. I found that very interesting. Before that I read a lot of comics. Newspapers, too. At the same time, I got into reading Reader’s Digest. I really took to that because of all the short stories. I didn’t have to plough through the thicker novels to get the same story. ??? I could share with others what I read from these short stories. I read a lot for the next few years. I must have went through a zillion books: Readers’ Digest, many novels, etc.

Another factor I can mention, going back when I was ten years old, was every Friday afternoon, our teacher would read to the class. Friday afternoons, being the last day of the week, was not conducive for learning much. So she read one chapter each week from the book Black Beauty- a well-known story about a horse from England, I think. I was fascinated and couldn’t wait until the next week. Each week went by and after that chapter, we would be put on “hold” until the next time until the book was completed. It was then that I got a sense of what books were all about. Exciting. I understood the purpose of reading. That eventually lead to more reading at 15 and 16. Even to now, where I can read anything handed to me. I guess you can call me a “bookworm”. I read more when I was young and read less now as I have developed other interests.

Reading indeed helped me with my education. BA., M.Ed., Ph.D. Reading was an asset. To this day, I enjoy reading.

When I read novels, for example, I don’t read word by word. I get engrossed in the book. I engage with the characters and become a part of the story, itself. It is an interesting experience.

That is the summary……???

Thanks for asking me.