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We have an exciting visit to Burnaby Village Museum where students will get to partake in workshops and take a tour of the museum.  Interpreters will be made available.


Friendship Day will be held at the historic Burnaby Village Museum which offers many historically themed programs. Burnaby Village Museum school programs meet most of the new BC curriculum learning standards. They were designed to emphasize key disciplinary thinking skills and to focus on inquiry. Step back in time with your students to discover what work, school and home was like in a 1920s tram-stop community. 


You’ll have a chance to visit all the shops, houses, and exhibits in the Village. Learn about daily life in the Lower Mainland by chatting with period costumed townsfolk and watching demonstrations. Teachers lead small groups of participants through the Museum. Please allow three hours for the visit. This self-guided school program includes a ride on our vintage carousel, a reserved lunch* space, a blacksmith hook and a take-home craft. Appropriate for K-9 including all levels of ESL and preschool but all K-12 students are welcome to join the event.

* Snacks and food provided for students/staff who are flying into town.

Entrance is free for all students/staff but you must register through POPDHH's online registration form (see below).


Bvm Entrance9:00 am - Registration Table opens (Front entrance - Burnaby Village Museum)

Bvm189:30 am - Intro and Housekeeping
                             Formation of groups of 15
                             Pick up loaner Inspiro transmitter for the day (bring students' FM/Inspiro receivers for FM access to sound)

Bvm119:30 am - Tour Burnaby Village Museum

Carosel Carousel ride included throughout the day 

Matthenry11:30 - 1:30 Meet Matt Henry (30 minute shows)

Matt Henry’s serious skills, cutting-edge effects, and innovative wit have awed and amused audiences around the world. He’s rocked the stages of Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, New York, Paris and Las Vegas—true! He’s had crowds of 10,000 chanting in unison—true! He’s a World Juggling Champion—true! He’s left-handed—irrelevant, but true! 

Bvm19 11:30 Lunch for K-7*
                              12:00 Lunch for Grades 8-12*

* Lunch provided for students/staff who are flying into town

* 11:30 Carousel is closed for 30 minutes

* 12:00 Staffed exhibits (6) are closed for 30 minutes; carousel is reserved for K-7 students

Smiles12:30 Group picture at Elworth House (Exhibit #10)

Bvm1312:35 pm - Museum visit continues

Vancouver Transit Map Small2:30 pm -  Return loaner Inspiro transmitter
                             Students/staff depart for home


Burnaby Village Museum Carousel Logo

Detailed Information


Lunch will be provided for all guests who have flown into town.  All other guests need to bring food for the day.  There are 4 lunch locations; look for signage on site.  The ice cream Parlour covered patio is reserved for our out-of-town guests' lunch area.


Please pack lightly. Each participant should be able to carry his/her own gear; there are no lockers.  Dress for the weather as you will have to walk between the buildings on the property.    

  • Please inform us of any special concerns (Disabilities/medical conditions/behaviour issues)

Food & Drink may be brought into Burnaby Village Museum but cannot be consumed within the heritage buildings.

*Supervising adults must accompany students


Your students and staff will be in groups of 15.  Please assign your own group leader.  There are approximately 35 exhibits in the museum.  6 of the exhibits are staffed by museum staff who will present information about the exhibit. Group leaders in each school team are responsible for curating the remaining exhibits to the students.  Preview the information with your students so that they are familiar with the information and history.  Use the guides to help teach the students and help answer any questions they may have.  This is meant to be a fun day so have fun learning yourself and discovering our rich Burnaby heritage.

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