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DCW Overview
Apr 3, 2017           Education Day Apr 4, 2017               Optimist Competition Apr 5, 2017           Friendship Day
Morning TDHHs at Itinerant Conference
Students (out-of-town) attend BLUSH workshop
Optimist competition Burnaby Village Museum
Afternoon Conference/BLUSH workshop continues Optimist continues BVM continues
Evening Preparation for Optimist Rest Students return home

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Important note:

Registration for DCW (all three events) must be done through our online registration form (one form per student) in addition to sending in required accompanying forms (see below).  POPDHH's preferred point of contact is the Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing working with these students. However, in the exceptional circumstance that there is no TDHH, the student's case manager (principal, learning resource or SLP) can be the contact person. All students need an adult to accompany and supervise them.

You will not be included in our headcount if you do not register through our online registration form.  

  1. Please read through the posted information carefully as most of your questions can be answered here.
  2. Fill out the online registration form.
  3. Download all the forms you need depending on the events for which you have registered.
  4. Email accompanying forms with appropriate signatures.

Please note several important deadlines this year in anticipation of the increased interest in attending DCW 2017.   POPDHH office will not send any reminders to submit required forms.


February 17, 2017

  • All registration forms and relevant permission forms for students/adults must be signed and received by the office by the posted deadline.  Accompanying forms:
  1. DCW 2017 Registration form signed by administration
  2. Consent form signed by parents for student attending any event in DCW 2017
  3. Consent form signed by each adult attending any event in DCW 2017
  4. Official Optimist Participation form
  5. Audiogram
  6. Funding form (if required)
  • Should you fail to submit all relevant forms by the deadline:
  1. Your student’s name may be removed from the list of confirmed applicants and will be encouraged to submit an application for next year.
  2. Your flight and hotel confirmation will be placed on hold until all forms have been submitted.

March 3,

  • All speeches for students must be received by the posted deadline.
  1. Submit VLOG or written copy for ASL speeches
  2. Submit written copy for oral speeches
  • Should you fail to submit speeches by the deadline:
  1. The interpreters and CART cannot guarantee an accurate translation of the speech.
  2. Your student’s presentation may not be viewed/heard at its best advantage. 

Please register and submit all relevant forms by the deadline to avoid disappointment. To reiterate, there will be no reminders from our office.