Established in 1975

The Ministry of Education under the umbrella of, but administratively separate from, Jericho Hill School for the Deaf, consulted with school district staff, teachers and parents on the educational needs and programming for deaf and hard of hearing students as well as supported professional development for parents and educators.

The Provincial Review Committee for the Hearing Impaired (PERCHI), now known as the Provincial Review Committee for the Deaf (PERCD) was also established at this time and served as an intake mechanism for deaf children throughout the province, who the school districts felt would be better served at either Jericho Hill School for the Deaf or at one of several regional Provincial programs. (ie. Mountain Secondary, Langley)


In 1991 the Burnaby School District took over the administration of Jericho Hill School for the Deaf, subsequently renamed the British Columbia Provincial School for the Deaf (BCSD), and the Provincial Outreach Program.

Elementary students from Jericho Hill moved into South Slope Elementary in 1992; secondary, into Burnaby South Secondary in February 1993. Although funded by the Ministry of Education, the Principal of BCSD also took over the administration of Provincial Outreach.

Outreach Today

Provincial Outreach has expanded to serve a growing number of children, many with cochlear implants and many using ASL, whom live at home and are served by their home school districts. First Nations Programs and Independent Schools, who enroll deaf and hard of hearing students, also access the services of the Provincial Outreach.

Our Program Mission

The Provincial Outreach Program’s focus is to support school districts in their quest to meet the needs of all learners with special attention placed on the needs of D/HH learners. Through 'wise practices', the Provincial Outreach Program will address, support and meet, through collaborative consultation, the unique communication and learning styles of individual Deaf and hard of hearing students. In conjunction with their home schools, the Provincial Outreach Program promotes the goals of:

  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • social responsibility

In utilizing 'wise practices', the Program works directly with Children and Youth to assist them in:

  • recognizing their full potential as individuals
  • enhancing their self-esteem
  • identifying/defining their self-worth

We also encourage these students to become responsible contributing members of both the Deaf and hearing communities.


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